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Back to School Coloring Page

Dynomike’s duck vest is yellow. Create your own duck vest!

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Back to School Work Hunt

Circle all the words in the puzzle that you find in the word bank.

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Come At Me Bro Bully Color

Read each sentence, Color the happy Dynomike if it describes a friend or color the sad Dynomike if it describes a bully.

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Come At Me Bro Maze

Help Dynomike and his friends escape Big Bully Bob Horn!

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Draw Dynomike’s Shoes

Dynomike’s favorite shoes are his wrinkly work boots. Draw your favorite shoes and use describing words to tell us why they’re your favorites!

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Happy Shoes Alphabetical Order

Dynomike has so many shoes with the silliest names! Cut out the list of shoes and put Dynomike’s silly shoes in alphabetical order!

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Happy Shoes Antonym Game

Match the cards to make a pair of antonyms. Choose 3 words and write a sentence for each.

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Words IN Words

How many different words can you make from the title of the book?

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